MIYAEMON is online shop specializes in the traditional craft of Arita-yaki (Imari-yaki) that is only us in Canada, started by a Japanese couple in 2018.

At first, it was a very small business started by a husband from Saga Prefecture, where Arita-yaki is produced, and his wife who became fascinated with Arita-yaki after they got married.

However, Arita-yaki, the traditional craft of Saga Prefecture, has declined by one-fifth over the past 30 years, and is now facing a crisis in the succession of craftsmen's skills.

This is because the gorgeous Arita-yaki porcelain, which was loved and developed by feudal lords and aristocrats during the Edo period, is nowadays produced mainly with simple designs adapted to Japanese life, and the traditional techniques are beginning to be lost.

We thought that we could do something about this problem, and we had booth at the Japan festival Canada 2018.
Then, many people were pleased with the beautiful traditional patterns and delicate techniques of Arita-yaki.
We were convinced that by expanding our sales channels overseas, we could pass on traditional techniques to the future.

Activities such as the donation of commemorative Arita-yaki plates to Mississauga City and the ROM have increased opportunities for people to know about MIYAEMON and Arita-yaki.
Today, many customers are patronizing our products.
In Toronto, Arita-yaki plates are used by Kaiseki-Yuzen Hashimoto and YUKASHI.
Recently, we have been shipping not only to all of Canada, but also to the U.S.A., and we are getting closer to our goal step by step.

We import The Arita-yaki directly from Arita City to Canada through a purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency.

We sell mainly tableware and daily necessities for everyday use, not works of art created by living national treasures.